Info - June 2018

We will soon be updating our website with a fresh new look and format. Please check back for further details.

[DBH] Gaming Clan

Welcome to the [DBH] Gaming Clan Site. Our clan was founded by our proud hard working founder, TheAncient, in the year 1999 where we began in Aliens Vs Predator, and once the sequel was released in 2001, we merged our limited resources in to Aliens Vs Predator 2, and has since developed into being a Universal clan and have maintained our presence ever since throughout the old a new gaming communities. Over the years, our clan rapidly grew to being one of the largest and respected clans in multiple gaming communities. Within our clan, you will find that our members are not only professional but they also thrive on having fun and providing fun for others, the way gaming should be. We offer equal opportunities to our members or allies.. Our clan inspires clean gaming fun, works of art and media , and our limits are minimal as we grow throughout the gaming world. We strive to be efficient, dynamic, and, unstoppable. We believe that in order to have fun experiences for both the public and our community, is depended on what we can offer as a whole. And at [DBH], we don't just provide games, we provide opportunity for others to have fun. -  And thanks to all the hard work and dedication from our members and allies, we continue to honor that, by offering what we have always offered, fun, tradition, respect, support, opportunities, and freedom to the gaming communities we support.

[DBH] Intro Vid